"Daddy bought a house for me " + "Skylar's Snow Stuck" +
"The missed party, a car stuck & some mudwrestling"-Video 039

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"Daddy bought a house for me" (19:40 min)
- Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible (Rear-Wheel-Drive, 6,2L, V8, 315 kW /422PS)
- starring Mandy and Victoria
- Location: mud

Mandy takes her friend Victoria on a joy ride. On the way she explains what she is up to.

Mandy's daddy will build a country home for her and the horses! Mandy is very proud of
it and wants to show her best friend already the construction site. Stylish as they are
they are wearing short skirts and high-heels. At arriving at the construction site Mandy
starts explaining the future floor plan of the building. But it looks like rain and they want
to be home again soon. But when they start driving, the wheels are already spinning on
the muddy ground ...

- nice pedal pumping scenes (picture-in-picture)
- different point of views (filmed from inside and outside)

"Skylar's Snow Stuck" (23:00 min)
- Ford Mustang V 5.0 V8 GT (417 HP !!!)
- starring Skylar
- Location: snowy path

On a lazy sunday afternoon Skylar is just cruising around with her Mustang. It's winter and

it snowed just recently. Some streets are still covered in snow. At some point the Mustang
just won't get further on the snowy path. Skylar drives a bit backwards, a bit forwards again
and with lots of spinning tires the car drives again ... But not very far. Then the Mustang is
stuck again. Skylar is now really nervous. She is afraid to get stuck here in the middle of the
mountains with no one around. With all the 417 horsepower she really makes the wheels spin!
And it works: after a while the car moves again ... until it suddenly drifts too bad and get
stuck all over. Skylar steps out to have a look. It's so cold in her skimpy outfit! She tries to
push the car, puts floor mats under the tires and even shovels the snow away with her bare
hands ... she tries everything to get out of this mess again!

- some pedal pumping scenes
- lots of spinning and car movement
- different point of views (filmed from inside and outside)

"The missed party, a car stuck & some mudwrestling" (17:40 min)
- Ford Mustang convertible (RWD)
- starring Kassi, Franki & Matti
- Location: muddy path
- different camera views (filmed from inside and outside the car)
- mud wrestling !!!

All girls are dressed up for the upcoming party. They are in best mood while driving to the

location. They chat, laugh & dance in the car. Franki doesn't pay attention to the road for
a second and drives a little bit off into some muddy grass besides the road. Well, shouldn't
be a big deal, right? Or maybe it is ...? The Mustang seems to be stuck there. Kassi and
Matti try to push it out and get completely covered in mud. Franki laughs at them and soon
they starting bitching and fighting! In the end it's a really muddy catfight! ... while the car
is still stuck ...

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