"Skylars Day Off - The Car Stuck" +  
"zzzZZZZ !!! The sound of spinning tires" +"The Bartender Job" - Video 037

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"Skylar's Day Off - The Car Stuck" (30:00 min)
Today is Skylar’s Day Off and she drives a bit off-road. Usually the flat desert here is a

bit boring for this, but today she finds a big mud hole. That’s fun to drive through!

But unfortunately the Jeep get stuck in the middle of the mud hole! Oops! Skylar steps

out of the car to get a better impression of the whole mess. Her new brown boots get
really dirty while stepping out. The mud is ankle-deep and it’s hard to walk through. The
wheels dug in deep into the mud. Skylar tries to free the area around the wheels from
the mud and she shovels with her hands. Once the wheels have a bit more room, she
tries again to drive the car out.

But she is stuck. The wheels are just spinning. She steps out again and tries to push it

from behind. Skylar is really trying hard for several minutes- but to no avail. So, she
keeps on digging the wheels free with her hands and gets more and more muddy. She
also takes care of the area UNDER the car; therefore she needs to lay down in the mud.
Now her whole front is totally muddy!

Again and again she tries to get the car out: she drives forward, backward, with lots of

rocking motions, she pushs and digs and shovels – with lots of desperation and to no avail!
She really tries everything!

After all this work Skylar is exhausted. She just lets go and falls on her back into the mud.

She rolls around and crawls deeper in the mud to get herself completely covered with it …!!!
But that’s a different story: “Skylar’s Day Off – The Mud Adventure“ – available here:

But this time there is a Happy End! Skylar got rescued and the Jeep towed out of the mud!

She is so happy!!! But now both –she and the car- are totally muddy and really needs some
cleaning! But this is a complete different story : „Skylar’s Day Off: The Car Wash“ (available
here: http://www.downloaddreams.com/skylars-day-off-the-car-wash-p-863.html)

And again with 3 different camera angles and picture-in-picture!!!

- lot of nice pedal pumping scenes (picture-in-picture)
- lot of car movement and rocking
- lot of spinning wheels

"zzzZZZZ !!! - The sound of spinning tires" (11:15 min)
- BMW E30 316i (rear-wheel-drive, stick shift)
- starring Janine
- Location: snowy path
- Janine wears a black skirt, pantyhose, high-heels, grey top and leg warmer
- She drives on a snowy path; the snow seems to be very slippery because
the wheels are always slightly spinning ...
- Unfortunately she is again lost and wants to turn ...
- baaad idea ...!!!
- The wheels are spinning more and more and finally lose their traction completely - zzzZZZZ ...!!!
- finally the BMW moves again ... always a bit forward and backwards ... zzzZZZZ :-)

"The Bartender Job" (27:00 min)
- Dodge Challenger RT (rear-wheel-drive, 375hp, 5.7L V8, stick shift !!!)
- starring Lauren and Michelle
- Location: muddy path
- Lauren wears a light blue Miss Sixty Jeans, black boots and leather jacket;
Michelle black leggings, black top, pantyhose and high-heels
- The 2 girls were hired as bartenders for a bachelor party at a mansion.
They should arrive early before all other guests.
- Michelle and Lauren start early, because they don't know the way.
They put in the given address in the GPS system.
- But soon it lead them away from the main road to some minor country roads
and the paths gets rough and muddy ...
- Michelle is afraid to get stuck with the Challenger and ruin the car; Lauren seems
to be pretty confident and easy about it ...
- Then the beautiful Challenger really got stuck in the mud and Michelle is totally annoyed.
She neither wants to ruin the car nor her outfit ... so she sends out Lauren, to push the car out!

What happens next, can be seen in this video ...!
Again this time with 3 different camera angles and picture-in-picture!!!

- lot of nice pedal pumping scenes (picture-in-picture)
- lot of car movement and rocking
- lot of spinning wheels
- they use floor mats to free the car again ...

Note: This is really an official road which was very muddy due to all the rain the days before.
One of the best locations we ever found :-)

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