"Screaming Tires - a V8 snow stuck" + "Fun Stuck 2" + 
"The Photocontest 3" - Video 035

available on DVD and BLU-RAY !!!



"Screaming Tires - V8 Stuck" (22:45 min)
- Corvette (RWD)
- starring Chia
- Location: snowy path
- Chia wears a short, tight dress and boots
- she is driving on a lonely snowy path ...
- the wheels are spinning and the more they spin the more accelerates Chia ...
- and suddenly the Corvette turns on the path and is getting stuck ...
- Chia (not knowing what to do) accelerates more and more ...
- ... and somehow the car really moves (well, at least a bit - she is still stuck)!
- with a lot of car movement
- a lot of spinning wheels
- a few pedal pumping scenes

"Fun Stuck 2" (23:30 min)
- Ford Mustang (RWD)
- starring Michelle
- Location: muddy lakebed
- Michelle just want to have some fun with the Mustang and maybe also

get a little bit stuck on the lakebed ...
- first she is doing some donuts with the Mustang
- then she approaches a muddy area
- will she get stuck? - yes, of course! :-)
- but the thing is: to get out again ...! Michelle tries with all expertise

(forward, backward, rocking) and she drives the car out on her own!
- that was so much fun that she gets high-spirited and tries again her luck

with getting stuck
- this time she is really bad stuck ...
- with a lot of pedal pumping (clean shoes, muddy shoes and NO shoes!)
- a lot of rocking and car movement
- and a short "unstuck"-scene in the end ...

"The Photocontest 3" (23:00 min)
- VW New Beetle (FWD)
- starring Michelle
- Location: snowy parking lot
- Michelle is working as photographer again and searchs for a good

mountain picture for a magazine ...
- finally she finds a good place on a remote parking place
- but up here there are still remainders of snow ...
- and while backing up from the parking place the car get stuck in snow!
- and Michelle is absolutely not dressed for snow in her summer dress

and open high-heels!
- with some nice car movement
- a lot of very nice pedal pumping scenes

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