"Sudden Snowfall" + "The Photo Shooting" + 
"Michelle is stuck again" - Video 034

available on DVD and BLU-RAY !!!



"Sudden Snowfall" (26:00 min)
- Nissan 350Z (RWD)
- starring Chai
- Location: snowy path
- Chai wears a blue dress, black fishnet leggings and open-toed high-heels
- Chia is on her way into the mountains. The streets are getting more

and more snowy and she is surprised by a sudden snowfall. She wants to turn ...
- with a lot of car movement
- a lot of spinning wheels
- a few pedal pumping scenes

"The Photoshooting" (17:30 min)
- Chevrolet Camaro (RWD)
- starring Danielle
- Location: dry lake bed
- Danielle had an appointment with her photographer Michelle on the dry lakebed
- after the shooting Michelle has to hurry to her next appointment
- but Danielle is sure to find her way home alone ...
- unfortunately she chooses a way which gets more and more muddy ...
- until she is finally stuck with her Camaro in the gluey mud!

"Michelle is stuck again" (19:45 min)
- BMW 118d (RWD)
- starring Michelle
- Location: snowy forest path
- Michelle wears black high-heels-boots, pantyhose, skirt, white blouse

and leather jacket
- on a cold winter day Michelle is driving her car when she suddenly finds herself

in a snowy forest path
- the wheels start spinning and there is hardly any forward moving in the path,

so Michelle tries to drive backwards out of the path again ...
- ... but this proves to be difficult; the wheels are also spinning and the car is

digging deeper into the snow; Michelle is stuck again!
- She tries everything to get out of this distressed situation
- with a lot of car movement
- a lot of rocking and spinning
- rubber burning and smoking wheels
- and with nice pedal pumping scenes

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