"Snowy Streets" + "Barefoot Mud Stuck" + 
"The Winter Walk" - Video 033

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"Snowy Streets" (26:20 min)
- Mustang (RWD)
- starring Katie
- Location: snowy streets
- Katie is wearing red pumps, pantyhose, short jeans skirt and red pullover
- Katie gets in difficulties driving up the snowy streets
- A lot of spinning tires and car movement
- Then a snowplow clears the way for her
- Katie keeps trying her luck and forces the Mustang further on the streets
- She nearly get stuck in the snow several times ...

"Barefoot Mud Stuck" (16:15 min)
- Nissan Pathfinder (4WD)
- starring Courtney
- Location: mud hole
- Courtney is driving offorad
- She wears a short summer dress and high-heels
- then Courntey drives into a dry lake bed with a muddy surface (doesn't look too bad ...)
- but surprise! the car get stuck in the mud!!!
- Courtney steps out of the car to have a look
- unfortunately their high-heeled sandals get really dirty and she has to take them off ...
- with muddy feet she tries now to get the Nissam out of the mud again
- forwards, backwards, forwards - without success (pedal pumping)
- Courtney feels thirsty and muddy and therefore she takes some big bottles of water,
   takes a sip and then cleans her feet from the mud
- now again with clean feet she tries again her luck to unstuck the car ... (pedal pumping)
- some nice pedal pumping scenes

"The Winter Walk" (13:35 min)
- BMW 320d (RWD)
- starring Ewelina and Lene
- Location: snowy path /grassland
- Ewelina and Lene are coming back from a winter walk
- They are slipping and gliding over the snow with their high-heels-boots
- The girls have a small snowball fight and are falling into the snow
- While finally turning the car they are driving backwards on a slightly sloping grassland
- The car starts sliding, the wheels are spinning und snow is flying through the air ...
- Ewelina and Lene are stuck on the grassland!
- Soon the fresh snow gets brown because underneath it is the muddy field
- Both girls step out, have a look and consider what to do
- Then they are taking turns in driving and pushing the car to get it out again
- But thats not so easy ...

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