Best of Carstuckgirls 2005

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This DVD contains the following 16 short versions
of the best Carstuckgirls videos from 2005
(Titels can be different to the names on the homepage):

- Sports Car Stuck
- Landy-Stuck
- The Test Track
- Bug-Stuck
- Offroad-Test
- Quad-Stuck
- Winter-Stuck
- Mustang-Stuck
- Caribbean-Stuck
- First-Stuck
- Mud-Games
- A lot of Problems
- Wrangler-Stuck
- Wrong-Way
- Trailer-Stuck
- Spinning-Wheels

Note: All Videos are about 3:40 Minutes long and show
the complete video from the beginning of the stuck till
the end (like in the longer versions). We also hope that
the short clips could make your decision easier to
chose the larger versions of the clips than our free
preview clips on the homepage.

Price for DVD or VHS:
49,00 Euro (We only accept Euro cash)

plus postage per order:
+ 10,00 Euro in the "world-zone"
+ 5,00 Euro for
+ 2,00 Euro for Germany

For a payment to USA e.g. you have
to pay in total: 59,00 Euro.

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