Adriana in "Summer Vacation" +
Ashley in "Sand Tracks" & "Pickup Stuck" - Video 027

(5th Pedal-Pumping-Stuck)

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Summer Vacation" (31 min.)
- starring Adriana
- Citroen 2CV (front-wheel-drive)
- Location: muddy path
- Adriana wears a white miniskirt, a pink top and pink
open toed pumps (and later barefoot).
- very much pedal pumping scenes (Picture in Picture)
- Adriana often steps out of the car and get nearly stuck herself ...

"During her summer vacation Adriana travels through the country
side with her Citroen 2CV. She is looking here and there for some
nice peaceful places. She finds an interesting looking field path …
But this path turns out to be tricky. After a few hundred meters
Adriana gets stuck there with her Citroen 2CV. She is trying
everything to free her car again."

... more pedal pumping scenes than ever before! Over 80% of the
video as "picture in picture" with pedal shots.

"Sand Tracks" (13:30 min.)
- starring Ashley
- Jeep Wrangler (4-wheel-drive)
- Location: sand desert
- Ashley wears a jeans hot-pants, a short top and high-heeled boots
- a little bit pedal pumping

"Ashley is driving her Jeep Wrangler through sand dunes. Everything
is perfectly nice, until she suddenly get stuck in deep sand. Ashley
is using a shovel and a mat to get out there again."

 "Pickup Stuck" (12:30 min.)
- starring Ashley
- Ford F150 XLT 5.4 Triton V8 (rear-wheel-drive)
- Location: mud pit
- Ashley wears only a tiny bikini and flip-flops
- a lot of flying mud and great V8 sound!
- nice pedal pumping scenes with clean feet in flip-flops

"Ashley is testing out her off road skills with her Ford
150 XLT Triton V8. She is very sure that her Ford will
have no problems with this little mud hole. And she is
quite shocked to learn the opposite. She is desperately
trying to get out again on her own …"

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