Susana in "The Rendezvous" +
Jill & Sue in "Playing in Mud" & "The Payback" - Video 026

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 "The Rendezvous" (31 min.)
- starring Susana
- Mazda MX-5 Miata (rear-wheel-drive)
- Location: muddy grass/field
- Susana wears a nice cocktail-dress, stockings and blue sandals
- with a lot of car movement and spinning wheels!

"Susana is on the way to date her boyfriend. But on the way
there, she gets on a muddy dirt road. She is really angry that
she should drive this way with her Mazda Miata MX5. In the
beginning it works out quite well. The Mazda is climbing up a
muddy hill with a lot of spinning wheels … until in the end she
finally gets stuck there!"

"Playing in Mud" (20 min.)
- starring Jill & Sue
- Lada Niva (4-wheel-drive)
- Location: offroad area with deep soft mud
- Jill + Sue wear rubber riding boots and Cavallo leather riding boots
- Then they get stuck in mud ...
- Finally they start a playful mudwrestling!

"Jill and Sue enjoy driving off-road with their 4WD. They take
turns in driving until Jill gets stuck. Then they start bickering
and teasing. They throw mud on each other. Finally this ends
in a playful mud wrestling!"

 "The Payback" (10 min.)
- starring Jill & Sue
- BMW 318 (rear-wheel-drive)
- Location: sandy and muddy area

"Sue's boyfriend betrayed her and therefore she wants revenge today.
So Jill & Sue are having fun to abuse his BMW and are doing some donuts.
Unfortunately they are too wild and loose control over the car ... until they
end in a deep hole with a lot of mud + water and get stuck there."

Note: It was not our intention that the story ends like this, but the models really

lost control over the car. Though we told them 100times not to drive into this hole,
they finally end there by accident. Poor car :-(

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