Adriana in "The Duck-Stuck" +
Chrystal in "The Alligator Canal" - Video 025

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 "The Duck-Stuck" (33 min.)
- starring Adriana
- Citroen 2CV (in Germany called "Ente"="Duck") (front-wheel-drive)
- Location: muddy grass/field
- Adriana wears a nice white summer dress with ankle wrap
  sandals and red nail polish (later barefeet)
- There is a lot of car movement in this video!
- And a lot of Pedal Pumping (picture in picture)
- Adriana walks barefeet through the mud and gets muddy herself!

Note this video contains the Bonus-Track: Can "Ducks" Swim? (~ 4 min)
- starring Adriana
- Citroen 2CV (front-wheel-drive)
- Location: wet grass with deep water
- Adriana in a short white skirt and pink patent leather pumps (open-toed)
- a lot of pedal pumping scenes (picture in picture)
- Adriana floors the gas pedal
- stalling engine

 "The Alligator Canal" (20 min.)
- starring Crystal
- Ford Mustang Convertible (rear-wheel-drive)
- Location: sandy street beside a canal
- Chrystal wears a short jeans skirt and high-heels jeans pumps (open-toed)
- She wants to go fishing at the canal, but on the way there she gets stuck ...
- ... to make it worse an Alligator is watching her ...!!!

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