Jamie & Ayelet in "Desert Adventure" +
Michelle in "Winter Night" +
Toni & Michelle in "Ibiza-Stuck"- Video 022

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 "Desert Adventure" (33 min.)
- starring Jamie & Ayelet
- Hummer H2 + Jeep Wrangler (four-wheel-drive)
- location: sand desert
- they wear white sport shoe mules
  and cork platform sandals
- they get stuck with the Wrangler...
- when they try to tow out the Jeep, they
  got the Hummer stuck, too !!!
- the girls use a shovel to get out
- a lot of flying sand
- and a lot of car movement
- great V8 sound !!!

 "Winter Night" (24 min.)
- starring Michelle
- VW Beetle (rear-wheel-drive)
- location: snowy and icy street at night
- she is wearing Jeans, a leather jacket, leather
  gloves and high-heeled platform leather boots
- a lot of spinning tires and car movement
- she was able to unstuck the car without other help!!!

 "Ibiza-Stuck" (13 min.)
- starring Toni & Michelle
- Jeep Wrangler (four-wheel-drive) &
  Mercedes 207D (RWD) (only a few seconds)
- location: wet, muddy path
- they ruined some very expensive Versace boots
  and Pura Lopez slingbacks!!!

Note: During the filming of the video, two guys got stuck
with their Mercedes 207D there.... they asked us for help
and the girls rescued them! :-) This is also in the video.

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