Monja in "Wrong Way"
+ Jamie in "Trailer Stuck"

+ Jill & Sue in "Spinning Wheels" - Video 020

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 "Wrong Way" (21 min.)
- starring Monja
- Porsche 944 (rear-wheel-drive)
- location: muddy gras
- she is wearing a short skirt and High-Heels
- a lot of smoking tires and rubber burning!!!
- she nearly destroyed both rear tires!

"Monja has an appointment and is looking for the
correct way. She thinks that she must have taken
a wrong way and wants to turn in a small path. But
it is too narrow to turn and she is afraid for her
Porsche 944. Therefore she decides to drive the
path further down in the hope to find a place to turn
the car safely. But the way becomes more and more
grown over until she is completely stuck in a field …
While trying to get out there again she nearly
destroys both rear tires."

 "Trailer Stuck" (30 min.)
- starring Jamie
- Ford Explorer + Quad/ATV (4WD car/RWD Quad)
- location: in the desert (sand)
- a lot of flying sand
- she is using a shovel to get out

"Today Jamie wants to have some fun with her Quad
in the dunes. On the way to a good place to unload
her trailer, she unfortunately gets stuck. She is trying
to drive forward and backward with no luck. In the end
she is unloading her Quad in order to get some help.
But after a few meters the Quad is stuck, too!"

Car stuck (20 minutes)
Quad/ATV stuck (10 minutes)

 "Spinning Wheels" (9 min.)
- starring Jill & Sue
- Porsche 944 (rear-wheel-drive)
- location: mud /sand
- Jeans-Outfit and boots
- driving around and doing some "donuts" in the mud
- ... afterwards stuck in sand!

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