"The Mustang-Stuck"
+ "Caribbean-Stuck" - Video 017

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"The Mustang-Stuck" (30 min.)
- starring Adina
- Ford Mustang (RWD, automatic, great sound!!!)
- location: great mud !!!
- wearing a white mini-skirt and a sexy white top
- walking through the mud with her high-heel strappy sandals
- her heels are slipping in the mud
- she got stuck herself/her shoes, too
- a lot of pedal pumping
- a complete stuck story ...
- she is very desperate and helpless!!!
- a lot of car movement
- she tries to push the Mustang out ...

"Adina is driving through the lonely country side with her
Ford Mustang Convertible. She tries to call her boyfriend,
but has no connection. Distracted for a minute, she
unfortunately drives on a lake bed beside the road. Her
Mustang gets slower and slower until it finally stops. She
is stuck at the lake bed. She is trying to push her car out
and is very desperate, but after some time, she finally
manages to get out there again!"

"Caribbean-Stuck" (28 min.)
- starring Patricia
- Suzuki Jimmy (four-wheel-drive, automatic)
- location: deep sand on a beautiful caribbean beach!
- she wears a sexy bikini
- with swimming and underwater views
- barefeet pedal pumping
- a complete stuck story ...
- she also tries to dig and push her car out ... 

"Patricia is on vacation on a small beautiful island in the
Caribbean Sea. She is looking for a lonely beach to relax.
After some swimming she gets hungry and wants to drive
back again. But her Suzuki Jimmy has got problems to drive
back on the beach sand."

... maybe the best stuck DVD / VHS ever !!!!

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