"Michelle got stuck in snow and mud"
Video 001

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snow-stuck with BMW 7er-series (35 min.)
- rear wheel-drive
- complete stuck story
- a lot of great inboard scenes
- trying all to get out
- a lot of rocking and spinning
- even rubber burning and smoking wheels!

mud-stuck with Audi Quattro (20 min.)
- four-wheel-drive
- a lot of spinning wheels and flying mud!
- walking with my boots through the mud
- flooring the gas pedal and rocking

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Hi! Here you see me driving in my BMW 7er-series. I am on the way to a friend.

Since I have never been there before, I have to look on the map to find my way.

Ups! I missed the right bending! Doesn't matter.
This parking lot seems a good place to turn!

It seems to be a little icy on this parking lot! My car slows down.
The wheels starts spinning!

Now, the car even stopped! I cannot move one meter.
The rear wheels are spinning and spinning! Oh, no.

I must have a look! What's going on here?

Look the rear wheel is spinning!

Oh, shit! That didn't help! It seems that I got stuck!

It's not easy to walk on this icy ground!

After spinning didn't help much I try this boards.
My friend put them in the back of the car - just for emergency cases ...
And this is an emergency case!!!

I hope this will work! I have to get out of here!

This is not easy. Where are the men when you need them?

Ready! Now let's try again! C'mon baby! MOVE!

Ok, let's rock! Yes, I rock really hard! It must help!

####! It didn't help! Oh, no! I am totally stuck!!! What shall I do?

Crying won't help either. So keep on going! There must be a way to get out.

Once again: frustration and despair !!!!

I am already tired and so despaired! Why must this happen to me?

I rock and rock and rock ... and I am praying: C'mon, baby, please c'mon!

One last try! ... rocking and spinning ...

It didn't help at all! I am stuck!!!!!!!!!

No chance to get out of here - only by walking!
I hope someone will rescue me ...

After hours ... My rescue!!!

This was my first stuck-clip. It was only thought for private use ...

Look! It is really, really muddy here! Will I get stuck here?

All the wheels are spinning and throwing mud !!!

-no comment-

I must have a look! What can I do?

Ooops! No I am really, really stuck in the mud!

A despaired look at the back of the car. It seems to be hopeless ...

Is there someone to help me? Please? .... No!
"The person you are calling is temporary not available.!" Oh, no!

Another hard try to get out ...

Why does my four-wheel-drive not help???

... digging in the dirt with my boots ...

-no comment-

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