Welcome to our Pedal Pumping and car stuck site! Here you'll find Pedal Pumping videos and pictures of sexy young girls who got stuck hopeless with their car, jeep, suv or van in mud, snow, sand, clay or wet gras. See Pedal Pumping with sweet muddy feet, barefoot or with boots, pantyhose, pumps, high-heels, riding boots, sneakers or buffalos. Our cute girls try to rock, push and tow the car out of the mud. So when you like spinning tires and love to see a girl who stuck in the mud or maybe a muddy catfight - Then you are right here, because we are the experts for carstuck and Pedal Pumping videos!

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 "Lost Horse, Stuck Car" 

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Clover is gone! Carley is looking for her horse already the whole day. On the dry and hard desert ground the tracks are hard to find. Then she discovers a big watering hole. If Clover is in this area, she would have come here to drink and cool down. Carley drives slowly to the edge of the water and steps out to look for hoofprints. Nothing. Carley is even more worried now and also wants to check the other side of the lake. But when she wants to drive there, the wheels are only spinning in the soft mud and the car is going nowhere …

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